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Google and SunPower to Finance Residential Solar Leases
  • SkyFuels high performance, low cost SkyTrough parabolic trough solar collector
  • Solar tables charge college students electronics at UCal Riverside

    Solar Tables Give College Students a Place to Recharge

    Solar charging stations that double as canopied, café-style tables, have been installed this week at sites across the University of California, Riverside campus. Thirteen Carrier Glass Green Infrastructure ConnecTables Solar Charging...
  • SunEdison completes Adobe Solar Facility in Caliifornia

    SunEdison Completes 20MW Adobe Solar Facility

    SunEdison  a solar technology manufacturer and provider of solar energy services has interconnected a 20-megawatt AC (alternating current) solar plant in Kern County, California (US).  The project, known as the Adobe Solar Facility,...
  • 8MW PV plant in Southeast Romania

    Romania's Solar Industry Sees Rapid Expansion

    With the Romanian solar energy industry forecast to continue its rapid development in the upcoming years, a number of foreign investors are expanding into the country’s photovoltaic market. Among these is China’s Sunowe Photovoltaic,...
  • colocated solar-biofuel system Image S Ravi, Stanford University

    Synergy Study: Colocating solar farms and biofuel crops

    Scientists at Stanford University in California (US) have created computer models for exploring the advantages (and possibly drawbacks) of “colocating” solar panel farms with biofuel crops. Such colocated solar-biofuel systems could be...
  • Solar cell testing
  • Flat-roof solar in Denmark

    Flat-Roof PV System on Danish Retirement House

    German-headquartered PV specialist Hanwha Q Cells announced the completion of one of the largest flat-roof solar systems in Denmark. The 345 kW flat-roof solution on a Danish retirement home of Lions Park Birkerød near Copenhagen has...
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  • Energy Department announces funding for solar in the US
  • Hillary Clinton to deliver Clean Energy keynote
  • Net Metering stays alive in Kansas

    Net Metering Victory in Kansas

    The legislature in Kansas (US) maintained solar net metering through a bill that is now headed to Governor Brownback's desk for signature.  The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Kansas utilities failed in their...
  • Australian Solar Council sees Renewable Energy Target as a great benefit to solar in Western Australia
  • Another net metering win in the US Photo courtesy of Centron

    Solar Gains Another Net Metering Win in the US

    The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) announced yet another win for rooftop solar: the Vermont Legislature voted to increase the state’s solar net metering cap from 4% of a utility’s peak load to 15%. The bill, H. 702, is headed to...
  • Japans energy storage
  • Net Metering policy wins in two US states

    Net Metering Preserved in Two More US States

    The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) today announced two new wins for rooftop solar in 2014 as the public continues to defeat attacks from anti-solar utilities, their national trade association Edison Electric Institute (EEI), and the American...
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