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Thanks to GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, New Jersey is now home to one of the country’s highest output residential solar roofing installations. This Far Hills, New Jersey, installation is among the top 2% highest output residential solar installations in the US, and among the top 5% in New Jersey, according to advisory firm GTM Research.

The 64-panel DecoTech Solar Roofing System is more than three times larger than the average residential solar roof, totaling 18.2 kW at peak performance. Laid end-to-end, the panels would equal the length of a football field.

This project follows successful DecoTech Solar Roofing System installations on homes in California and New York, after multiple DecoTech installations on test sites throughout the country. New Jersey, an early leader in solar, is one of only three states in the US to have more than 1GW of total installed capacity, and more than 300,000 homes powered by solar energy.

The DecoTech System is a proprietary solar roofing system offered by roofing specialist GAF. With a low-profile Deco Black gloss finish, the high-output solar panels offer a seamless aesthetic for homeowners. Its concealed wires, metal frame, and waterproofing elements provide durability and allow the panels to shed water just like shingles. The interlocking system, which fastens directly to the roof deck, is designed for simple and fast installation by GAF factory-certified roofing contractors. GAF has decades of experience in solar, including several patents on solar roofing products, an exclusive Solar Elite Contractor certification program, and proprietary solar financing relationships that represent a unique offering for both residential and commercial property owners. 

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