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Alpha, parent corp of Outback Power, acquires India-based NavSemi

Alpha Technologies, a global designer and manufacturer of advanced power systems for renewable and other energy applications, backup power, and industrial applications, today announced that it has acquired NavSemi Energy, a designer and manufacturer of products that extract superior system efficacy from PV/solar systems by maximizing the energy harvesting capabilities of individual solar panels.

Bangalore, India-based NavSemi Energy is known for product designs for off-grid and grid-interactive energy applications. The company’s core technologies are derived from that region’s growing demand for more electricity and subsequent need for more efficient systems. NavSemi’s customer base in India expands Alpha’s reach into one of the world’s fastest growing and most progressive PV markets and complements Alpha’s renewable energy brand, OutBack Power, another company in The Alpha Group.

NavSemi was founded in 2008 to develop power electronic solutions for the more efficient transfer of energy from solar power sources, and to provide first-in-kind solutions for expanding solar capabilities. The company’s Solar Management Unit is an example: a product that retrofits a UPS system with PV and solar power, making it possible for anyone who has already made such a system investment to upgrade into a renewable energy system. In other power conversion categories, NavSemi’s charge controllers and bi-directional inverters offer a wide range of communications options and capabilities. Customers count on NavSemi technology to power applications including telecommunications base stations, agricultural and irrigation systems, and back-up power for commercial and residential applications.

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