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  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    Selling Solar to Electric Vehicle Owners

    Electric vehicle owners or potential buyers are a savvy bunch. They’re concerned about the environment and they want to free themselves from their dependence on the gas pump. It’s probably safe to say that most want to reduce their use...
  • Power Producers Go Digital
  • Solar Storage at Home
  • Grid modernization

    Smart Sensors for Grid Modernization

    Grid modernization initiatives are gaining momentum around the globe. Upgraded energy grids enable the integration of conventional energy sources with renewables and energy storage, as well as creating resiliency in the face of cyber-attacks and...
  • Ciel et Terre Sheeplands Installation

    Floating Solar: Trends and opportunities

    Floating solar, also called floatovoltaics, is a concept that’s catching on, especially in areas where land is in short supply. The panels are “floated” on a body of water, whether a small irrigation pond or massive reservoir....
  • Community Solar Options

    Reducing the Impact of Community Solar

    Solar is universally popular. Poll after poll shows respondents want more of it. Despite the general positive public sentiment toward solar, siting it in communities can still prove to be a challenge. This opposition can come in many forms....
  • Primus Solar Wind Turbine

    The Pairing of Renewable Energy & Big Oil

    Renewable energy systems with battery power backup are becoming more commonplace in remote areas to provide electricity to a variety of industrial markets worldwide.  But for the oil and gas industry, reliable off-grid power systems are...
  • Aerosol Jet Technology Prints Perovskite Directly onto 3D Surfaces
  • Bismuth oxyiodide light absorbers Credit Steve Penney, University of Cambridge

    Bismuth: A non-toxic lead alternative in solar cells

    Researchers from the University of Cambridge (UK) have shown how bismuth could present a non-toxic alternative to lead in next-generation, low-cost solar cells. Only a few years into the exploration of lead-based hybrid halide perovskites in...
  • ab Optical microscopy image of 2D monolayer WSe2-MoS2 p-n lateral heterostructures and heterojunction PV devices connected in parallel b Enlarged high- resolution images of cell 1 in b c Enlarged Enlarged high-resolution images of cell 2 in b

    Solar Cells Feature Atomically Sharp 2D Monolayer Junctions

    Researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with fellow scientists from Taiwan and Japan, have laterally placed single layers of the semiconducting materials tungsten selenide and...
  • Small-scale PrototypeCPV System With Microcells and Embedded Microtracking

    CPV System With Microcells and Embedded Microtracking

    A concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) system developed at Penn State, Pennsylvania (US), tracks the sun with nearly unnoticeable movement. The microcells convert 600-times concentrated sunlight with 30% efficiency, daily producing more than 50%...
  • Optical micrograph of perovskite crystal grains crafted by meniscus-assisted solution printing Credit Ming He, Georgia Tech

    Solution Printing Boosts Perovskite Solar Efficiencies 20%

    Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia (US), have developed a new low-temperature meniscus-assisted solution printing (MASP) technique that can boost power conversion efficiencies of perovskite solar cells to...
  • Microscope image of stacked 5J Solar Cell Converts Nearly All Energy in Solar Spectrum
  • Stripes of nanostructures in perovskite solar cells can be detected by means of a type of scanning force microscopy shown schematically Credit Holger Rhm, Tobias LeonhardKIT

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