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  • Solar Storage at Home
  • Grid modernization

    Smart Sensors for Grid Modernization

    Grid modernization initiatives are gaining momentum around the globe. Upgraded energy grids enable the integration of conventional energy sources with renewables and energy storage, as well as creating resiliency in the face of cyber-attacks and...
  • Ciel et Terre Sheeplands Installation

    Floating Solar: Trends and opportunities

    Floating solar, also called floatovoltaics, is a concept that’s catching on, especially in areas where land is in short supply. The panels are “floated” on a body of water, whether a small irrigation pond or massive reservoir....
  • Community Solar Options

    Reducing the Impact of Community Solar

    Solar is universally popular. Poll after poll shows respondents want more of it. Despite the general positive public sentiment toward solar, siting it in communities can still prove to be a challenge. This opposition can come in many forms....
  • Primus Solar Wind Turbine

    The Pairing of Renewable Energy & Big Oil

    Renewable energy systems with battery power backup are becoming more commonplace in remote areas to provide electricity to a variety of industrial markets worldwide.  But for the oil and gas industry, reliable off-grid power systems are...
  • Solar Cell Inspection with Vision

    Camera Detection Systems Used in Solar Cell Manufacturing

    Solar power is a clean and attractive alternative source of electricity. There has been an increasing demand for photovoltaic modules to be cheaper and become more efficient at solar energy conversion. Solar cells, which form the basis of a solar...
  • Eight PV Design Software Solutions

    Eight PV Design Solutions

    The many PV design solutions on the market today go beyond simply taking the guesswork out of laying out a photovoltaic system or solar plant. Many have similar features, such as taking shade into account in energy production modeling. Yet others...
  • Photographs of MAPbI3 A, HC n-BA2MA3Pb4I13 B, HC isoBA2MA3Pb4I13 C, RT n-BA2MA3Pb4I13 D and RT iso-BA2MA3Pb4I13 E thin films on glass substrate over time without encapsulation, which are stored in an environmental chamber at 20 C with a RH of 60

    Self-Organizing Perovskite Material With Improved Stability

    Researchers from Lund University in Sweden and from Fudan University in China have designed a more stable yet still efficient perovskite material with a self-organizing structure.  Tönu Pullerits, professor of chemical physics at Lund...
  • Data Science Helps to Understand Degradation Mechanisms in Solar Panels
  • Fresh L and degraded R solar cells

    Fighting Degradation in Perovskite Solar Cells

    The findings of a study conducted at Imperial College London (ICL) in the UK could help researchers to develop longer-lasting solar cells based on organic lead halide perovskites.  The work is a collaboration between the groups of Dr Saif...
  • Energy-Harvesting Photoluminescent Laser Phosphor Display

    Laser Phosphor Display Uses Solar Concentrator as its Screen

    Researchers from Ritsumeikan University in Japan have replaced the phosphor screen in a laser phosphor display (LPD) with a luminescent solar concentrator (LSC), enabling them to harvest energy from ambient light and also display high-resolution...
  • Bottom cell of The University of Tuledos world-record all-perovskite tandem solar cell Credit Daniel MillerThe University of Toledo

    All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cell Sets Efficiency World Record

    Researchers at The University of Toledo (UT) in Ohio (US) have developed an all-perovskite tandem solar cell that has reportedly achieved world-record conversion efficiency. The new kind of less-toxic device combines two different cells to harvest...
  • First Full-Size IBC Bifacial Solar Module

    First Full-Size IBC Bifacial Solar Module

    Researchers from the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and from the International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz (ISC Konstanz) in Germany have developed the world's first...
  • Dr Ravinder Dahiya and his team have developed solar-powered skin for prosthetic hands UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW

    Solar-Powered Skin for Prosthetics

    Engineers at the University of Glasgow, Scotland (UK), have developed a technology to power synthetic skin with energy from the sun. Using optical transparent graphene, the breakthrough approach could help to create advanced prosthetic limbs...

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