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EVSE market

The electrification of transportation is only just beginning, and it will eventually influence every road vehicle market. Weaning the transportation sector from oil dependence has long been a goal for many nations. Yet, the suite of alternatives has failed to make marked impacts on the global automotive market due in large part to infrastructure issues.

Still, electricity offers the advantage of a low cost charging solution for the home that can satisfy most of a driver’s plug-in EV (PEV) energy needs. This advantage has helped advance PEVs quickly in the market, alongside government investment in public charging deployments and support for workplace or other private charging options.

The PEV market is entering a new phase on behalf of battery cost declines, which is being realized as longer-range PEVs are offered in a wider range of vehicle body types. This shift will drive greater interest in EV charging overall, and it creates opportunities for specific charging formats. Meanwhile, stakeholders with the ability to fund large-scale deployments—such as governments, utilities, and automakers—will continue to play an outsized role in the growth of EV charging installations over the next 3-5 years. The market is likely to reach a more truly demand-driven status after that period. According to Navigant Research, the global market for EV supply equipment (EVSE) for light, medium, and heavy duty PEVs is expected to grow from around 875,000 sales in 2017 to over 6 million in 2026.

This Navigant Research report analyzes the global market for PEV charging equipment sales. The study covers the major drivers for the charging market by access type (home, private, and public) and analyzes the potential uptake of alternating current (AC), direct current (DC), and wireless EVSE. Global market forecasts for charging equipment sales, segmented by region, technology type, access type, and location type, extend through 2026.

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