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Centrotherm cFire

Centrotherm will present a new modular design of its c.FIRE fast firing furnace at EU PVSEC, an international photovoltaic trade fair for researchers and specialists taking place 30 September to 4 October in Paris (France).

Solar cell manufacturers can optimally configure c.FIRE for their specific process and production requirements through selecting various option packages. With throughput of more than 4,300 wafers, excellent temperature homogeneity and process stability, c.FIRE achieves record figures compared with competitors' products. With this centrotherm fast firing furnace, customers have access to a product that allows them to achieve maximum efficiencies while at the same time being able to use standard market as well as newly-developed metallization pastes.

With its low pressure tube furnace for diffusion, centrotherm is presenting a further product highlight that significantly expands process parameter scope. The low-pressure diffusion process that centrotherm has developed achieves outstanding homogeneity at emitter resistances of up to 150 Ω/square, thereby enabling the efficiency potentials of conventional, and especially new, metallization pastes to be exploited (emitter resistance > 100 Ω/square). European and Asian customers are already deploying this centrotherm technology in several production lines with a total capacity of more than 1.2 gigawatts.

Centrotherm's Dr. Josef Haase, Head of Sales and Technology,  reports that its centaurus technology (optimized PERC) achieves average cell efficiencies of 19.8% and peak results of 20.3% not only in the laboratory, but also in mass production with an installed and tested production capacity of more than 500 MW.

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