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Singulus presents production solutions for the manufacture of PV cells

Singulus Technologies will display its vacuum coating machine Singular XP for PERC applications and a machine for the efficient wet-chemical coating of buffer layers on CIGS thin-film solar modules at its fair booth at the 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Paris, 1 to 3 October. /p>

With this machine Singulus presents a production solution for passivated rear silicon solar cells (e.g., PERC; passivated emitter and rear cell). This solution was developed especially for the upgrade of existing cell production lines. With an additional dielectric coating on the rear side electric and optical efficiency losses of the cells are reduced compared with traditional cells. In particular, this technology is required for very thin wafers, which will be increasingly used in the future.

This production solution was developed together with the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln (ISFH). The company reports that the efficiency of screen printing silicon solar cells was increased to a record level of 20.1 %.

For the upgrade of traditional cell production lines three additional production steps are required. The passivation of the rear side is the most important step. The dielectric passivation layer is emitted in the ICP-PECVD machine Singular. The coating systems AlOx and SiNy are applied. Before coating the rear side it is smoothed with a wet-chemical glaze in a LINEA II glazing machine. For the rear side contacting through a laser process, Singulus is closely cooperating with an un-named partner. 

It is extremely important for cell manufactures to constantly further develop processes and cycles to gain an advantage over their competitors. The development machine of the TENUIS series is ideally suited for this requirement in particular, the company reports. Here, Singulus also offers the possibility to use alternative coating materials (Zn(O)S). Reproducible process results can be easily transferred to an industrial production volume at a later stage.

The industrial manufacturing machines of the Tenuis type have a modular cluster build and enable both significant savings in terms of required floor space and the simultaneous one-sided coating of two substrates. With application and temperature control the process time was reduced by 20 %, which results in the positive effect of a significantly higher output of the production line.

The new generation of the Tenuis plant offers substantial cost advantages in the production of high performance CIS/CIGS thin-film solar cells. Furthermore, the costs are significantly reduced by process adjusted temperatures and by the very efficient use of process chemicals enabling the new plant to consistently exploit the savings potential in the manufacturing of thin-film solar cells.

Singulus will be in booth D 10, Hall 2 at the 28th EUPVSEC.

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