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The COP-21 Agreement came into force 4 November 2016, having reached the threshold for ratification by over 55 Parties representing at least 55% of global emissions already in October – indeed, this number has since grown. We're now facing an exciting and extremely challenging situation, in which we as a global PV community need to develop energy systems capable of delivering major greenhouse emission reductions, while ensuring sustainable development opportunities for all.

No one doubts that solar photovoltaic electricity will play a fundamental role in making this happen, thanks to the technology and market developments over the last twenty years. But it probably won't be PV as we know it today, and this is where European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition comes in.

By attracting the best researchers, scientists, engineers, developers and designers for a week of presentations and discussions, EU PVSEC aims to give a comprehensive insight about the state-of-the art and where the sector can go in the future. At the core as always are the PV technologies themselves, ranging from the new options being created by application of nanotechnologies, to innovations in the industry workhorse crystalline silicon and the latest developments over the full spectrum of thin-film products and concepts. However equally important are system operation, integrated "smart" applications and market development aspects. All these have prominent places in the proposed programme.

EU PVSEC 2017 topics:

EU PVSEC 2017 topics

EU PVSEC 2016 was again the world's largest PV research event with 1742 participants from 73 countries. EU PVSEC organizers encourage researchers to submit abstracts here.

The programme of plenary, oral and visual presentations is selected after assessment by independent reviewers. Final papers are published in the EU PVSEC Proceedings, a highly respected conference series going back to 1992. They are DOI coded, and permanently and unequivocally citable.

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