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Geli goes to Australia

Geli, a San Francisco, California (US)-based supplier of software and networking solutions for the energy storage industry, today announced the establishment of an office in Melbourne, Australia. In response to the growing demand for energy storage solutions, Geli has formed partnerships in Australia, launching first with national solar provider Energy Matters. Geli’s new technology collaborations and a growing team in Melbourne ensure the rapid deployment of intelligent energy storage solutions specific to Australia-New Zealand markets. Geli’s international expansion is supported by the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund and a $3 Million USD investment from the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund, a co- investment arrangement between the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and Softbank China Venture Capital.

Geli and Energy Matters, a Flex business, were awarded an ACT Next Generation Energy Storage Grant in late 2016 for a Geli-enabled Tesla Powerwall battery solution. Geli’s ability to co-optimise solar self-consumption, time-of-use shifting, and the delivery of grid services maximises the value of the Tesla Powerwall, providing tremendous benefits to homeowners, energy providers, and distribution operators. In 2017, Geli and Energy Matters will expand their sales outside of the ACT with multiple battery and inverter solutions.

Changing incentives for solar PV and grid modernisation goals have motivated the rapid development of energy storage solutions in Australia. Geli’s battery automation and management software provides the system intelligence and controls required to maximise the value of customers’ solar systems and deliver key grid services.

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