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Ginlongs GCI-10K released for North American solar market

Ginlong Technologies has released in the North American market the GCI-10K,a three-phase, transformerless, grid-tied string inverter.

Ginlong GCI-10K is designed with the latest Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductor technology from the start of design cycle.  Together with transformerless topology, GCI-10K realizes a peak efficiency 98%, the company reports, and light weight and compact design ( 88 pounds).

Ginlong also brings a unique wind inverter feature of ultra wide input voltage range (300V - 800V) to the GCI-10K solar inverter, allowing for design flexibility and long daily operation hours.

GCI-10K has dual MPP trackers and maximum three strings per MPPT, which optimize the power production especially in the shaded environment.  The other advanced features of GCI-10K consist of RS485 and Wi-Fi communications, fan-less technology, and web-based data monitoring.

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