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Photovoltaic Materials Market Estimated to Reach $25 Billion by 2022
  • First Solar contract in Australia
  • Solar in Uganda

    Uganda to Tap Into Mini-grid Potential

    Uganda, which relies on hydropower for up to 84% for its electricity generation, is now exploring the option of scaling up mini-grids, both grid-connected and off-grid systems in a bid to achieve at least 26% rural electrification rate with...
  • Solar in Fiji

    Solar Brings Electricity to Fiji Sugarcane Farmers

    Four hundred remote rural households in Fiji’s sugarcane belt areas will have electricity by the middle of this year, thanks to a European Union funded, Micro Projects Programme (MPP) for clean, green solar power, implemented by the Pacific...
  • SOLV uses cloud-based OM suite
  • Using Remote Monitoring to Improve Service

    Using Remote Monitoring to Improve Service

    As with many industries, sometimes providing post-sale services is just as important as pre-sales. In some industries, this is important to create repeat customers, while in others it can be more important due to the generation of business...
  • Powin Energy

    Improving Energy Storage Warranties

    Energy storage is in a place now where it has gained strong traction with some utility companies and as a complement to renewable energy. But for storage to gain true widespread adoption at the commercial level, warranty coverage needs to be vastly...
  • Monitoring Solar Power Plants

    PV Monitoring: Why is professional monitoring important?

    If malfunctions with PV plants are not immediately detected, this leads to high yield losses. However, with a professional monitoring system, this problem can be avoided or minimized. Yet, there are numbers of explicit opportunities and challenges...
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  • Massachusetts boosts solar
  • Renewable Energy cities

    25th US City Commits To 100% Renewable Energy

    25 US cities have now committed to transition entirely to clean and renewable energy, following city council votes on Tuesday establishing 100% renewable energy goals in Madison, Wisconsin and Abita Springs, Louisiana. Madison and Abita Springs...
  • Stanford Report on US Solar Policy

    Stanford Researchers Recommend Changes to US Solar Policy

    The rapidly expanding solar energy industry could meaningfully contribute to curbing climate change only if governments and the private sector approach it more economically and efficiently, according to a new Stanford study. Stanford solar energy...
  • Energize 360 comes to NH

    Energize 360 Launches in New Hampshire

    Energy leaders from five New Hampshire communities have joined forces to launch Energize 360, a first-of-its-kind campaign to save money and help save the planet by providing citizens a suite of new energy efficiency and clean energy options at...
  • Community Solar in Nevada

    Nevada Lawmakers Introduce Landmark Community Solar Bill

    Nevada State Senator Mo Denis (D-Las Vegas) introduced Community Solar Bill SB392, marking major action by the state’s legislature to expand solar energy access to more Nevada residents, particularly renters and low-income families. If...
  • Seven communities encouraging solar
  • Data driven settlement in NH

    New Hampshire Renewable Energy Coalition Calls For Compromise

    As part of the New Hampshire (US) Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) process to determine the state’s future around renewable energy across the Granite State, the Energy Future Coalition has submitted a settlement proposal with the goal...
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