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Intersolar Europe 2017: ABB showcases investment in solar technology
  • Community Solar Options

    Reducing the Impact of Community Solar

    Solar is universally popular. Poll after poll shows respondents want more of it. Despite the general positive public sentiment toward solar, siting it in communities can still prove to be a challenge. This opposition can come in many forms....
  • 40MW Floating PV Power Plant

    40MW Floating Solar Plant in Huainan, China

    Sungrow, a global PV inverter system solution supplier, announced that the world's largest floating PV power plant of 40MW has been successfully connected to the grid in Huainan, China. The power plant is in a former coal mining area that...
  • Empower Genesys 8K
  • NCLAVE single axis solar tracker

    NCLAVE Supplies Trackers for a 125MW Solar Project in Australia

    The horizontal single-axis trackers from NCLAVE (comprised of the fusion between Grupo Clavijo and MFV Solar) have been selected for the Clare Solar Farm project, which has already begun close to Ayr in Queensland, Australia. It is the horizontal...
  • Energy-Harvesting Photoluminescent Laser Phosphor Display

    Laser Phosphor Display Uses Solar Concentrator as its Screen

    Researchers from Ritsumeikan University in Japan have replaced the phosphor screen in a laser phosphor display (LPD) with a luminescent solar concentrator (LSC), enabling them to harvest energy from ambient light and also display high-resolution...
  • Lockheed Martin solar carport

    Lockheed Martin's Second Massive Solar Carport in Florida

    Powering up Lockheed Martin’s new 145,379-square-foot solar carport in east Orlando, lead contractor Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) joined the global security and aerospace company in marking completion of one of Florida’s...
  • Forge Nano to commercialize NREL battery technology
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