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Stacked 5J Solar Cell Converts Nearly All Energy in Solar Spectrum
  • UVA Hollyfield Solar project
  • Notre Dame solar installation
  • 30kW grid resilient Stabiliti

    Solar+Storage Integration in California Schools

    Ideal Power Inc., a power conversion technology company, has received an order for 35 units of its compact and efficient Stabiliti 30 kilowatt (kW) power conversion system from an existing customer. The Stabiliti will be integrated with energy...
  • Solar panels can easily be added to metal roofs, making a perfect energy efficient system Metal roofs make the ideal base, as theyre extremely durable and will likely outlast the solar panels

    The Hype Surrounding Solar Roofs: What homeowners need to know

    Talk of solar roofing is hot right now, as expected when Tesla joins the conversation. But the typical homeowner looking to replace a leaky roof now or upgrade before the leaks begin, can't wait for -- or likely afford -- the Tesla option. The...
  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    Selling Solar to Electric Vehicle Owners

    Electric vehicle owners or potential buyers are a savvy bunch. They’re concerned about the environment and they want to free themselves from their dependence on the gas pump. It’s probably safe to say that most want to reduce their use...
  • Husqvarna goes solar

    Husqvarna Facility to be Powered by Solar

    Husqvarna Group is building its first solar power generating facility at its current injection molding site in Nashville, Arkansas (US). The new facility is expected to reduce the CO2 footprint by approximately 1,000 tons in the first year of...
  • Korat, Thailand

    Kyocera Expands Solar Energy Business in Thailand

    In November 2016, the Paris Agreement went into effect as a new international framework to prevent climate change, determining that the international community — including emerging and developing nations — needs to take serious action....
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  • DOE funding for solar
  • small business grants for RD in Colorado
  • Nevada governor strikes down community solar

    Nevada Governor Vetoes Community Solar

    Nevada Governor Sandoval vetoed Senate Bill 392, which received broad support from both Republicans and Democrats in both chambers of the Nevada Legislature, as well as national security leaders, faith communities, clean energy and public health...
  • Florida votes solar

    Pro Solar Amendment Signed into Law in Florida

    Today Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law implementing legislation for the pro-solar Amendment 4, which was unanimously placed on the ballot by the Florida Legislature in 2016, passed overwhelmingly by 73% of the vote on the August 2016...
  • Potential for job loss in US solar industry hangs in balance
  • Energize 360 in NH

    Twelve NH Cities and Towns Lead the Way on Clean Energy

    One week after President Donald Trump announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, local leaders in the New Hampshire seacoast are rapidly expanding a community clean energy initiative to save money and help save...
  • 100 renewable energy
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