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Vermont's First Municipality-Owned Solar Plants
  • Photovoltaic Heat Island Effect Large solar power plants increase local temperatures

    Large Solar Power Plants Increase Local Temperatures

    Contrary to previous studies that predicted solar power installations would decrease temperatures around them by absorbing some of the sun’s energy, a study by a team of researchers from the University of Arizona and the University of...
  • Grupo Clavijo in Puerto Rico

    Grupo Clavijo Completes Two Photovoltaic Plants in Puerto Rico

    The Spanish company Grupo Clavijo has supplied all of the fixed structures for the Oriana I and Oriana II projects, with capacities of 28.62 and 29.03 MWp respectively, in the municipality of Isabela, Puerto Rico, which are owned by Sonnedix and...
  • Upsolar floating installation

    Floating Solar Test-Bed in Singapore

    Upsolar Pte. Ltd., a provider of solar PV modules and services, Koine a design company specializing in floating technology, and Upsolar's local installation partner CW, recently deployed a floating PV system at Tengeh Reservoir in Singapore....
  • Solar microgrids in Colombia

    Five Solar Hybrid Microgrids in Colombia

    The Colombian government issued a mandate to expand the availability of electricity to the remote area of Acandi by building five solar hybrid installations, or microgrids. Acandi is mostly jungle, located on the Caribbean Sea bordering Panama....
  • Cross section of the new solar cell, showing the two perovskite layers beige and red separated by a single-atom layer of boron nitride and the thicker graphene aerogel dark gray, which prevents moisture from destroying the perovskite Gallium nitride blue

    Graded Band Gap Perovskite Solar Cell Achieves >20% Efficiency

    Marking a major advance in inexpensive, easy-to-make perovskite solar cells, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkely Lab) have designed a new cell that has achieved...
  • Draker monitoring

    Draker Inaccess to Provide 24/7 Customer & Tech Support

    Draker Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueNRGY Group Limited and Inaccess, specialists in monitoring and control solutions  for optimized performance of distributed power generation, today announced the commencement of enhanced...
  • Renovation Anliker, Switzerland, got a Eurosolar medal for innovative and highly efficient concept for a sustainable refurbishment of a heritage-protected building

    Award Winners Honored with the European Solar Prize 2016

    The European Solar Prize 2016 was awarded on Friday, 18th November, in the historical buildings of ‘Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau’ in Barcelona. This year’s Solar Prize was given to nine award winners, in seven categories, from...
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  • PACE best practices
  • New SunShot Goals

    Only 10% Away from 2020 SunShot Solar Cost-Savings Goal

    The Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy today announced a commitment for its SunShot Initiative to cut the cost of solar-generated electricity by 50% between 2020 and 2030. This new target is a...
  • XCEL settlement
  • Florida rejects controversial amendment

    A Win for Solar in Florida

    Florida voters favored Donald Trump in the Presidential election—the candidate least likely to advance the use of renewable energy in the US. But they did vote against Amendment 1, a controversial amendment that guaranteed Floridians the...
  • Florida Professional Firefighters withdraw endorsement
  • Trump trumps the environment

    What a Trump Presidency Would Do to Carbon Emissions

    US Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different outlooks on the country’s energy future. As the world looks to reduce carbon emissions following the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, Clinton’s plans...
  • Gov Hickenlooper with GRID Alternatives Colorado Construction Director Beth Copanas
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