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  • Shell and Silicon Ranch executives sign deal

    Shell Acquires Major Share in Solar Energy Operator

    Silicon Ranch Corporation, a US developer, owner, and operator of solar energy plants, signed an agreement to make Shell its largest shareholder. As part of the agreement, Shell will acquire a 43.83% interest in Silicon Ranch...
  • E-mobility

    Intersolar Europe 2018: Solar power generates mobility

    Photovoltaics (PV) and e-mobility, the ideal combination: Driving with solar power is becoming increasingly attractive. When vehicles are fueled by electricity from renewable sources, e-mobility is more than just the clean and...
  • Six Trends in Solar

    Six Trends in Solar, 2018

    In 2017 the solar industry rode what was dubbed “the solar coaster,” with ups and downs cycling throughout the year. Despite some of the downs, which include the Section 201 trade case in the US, there are many...
  • Solaria PowerXT
  • Gemasolar
  • Massachusetts makes anti-solar move
  • Stellar Solar on church

    Path to Solar Financing at Community-Based Nonprofits

    Nonprofit community-based organizations, such as affordable housing developers and faith-based institutions, face many obstacles to funding solar projects, but innovative financing tools can help them overcome these...
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