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2016 Award Winners

In 2017, the Intersolar Award will pay tribute to innovative solutions in the solar industry for the 10th year in a row – true to the motto ‘Powering the Future with Innovation!’. Companies and project owners are invited to submit their entries for the Award from 9 January, 2017. The award will be presented at Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners, on 31 May, 2017. ees Europe, Europe’s largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, is taking place in parallel. 

Renewable energies, and particularly solar power, are conquering the world of energy supply. This progress is propelled by innovations in the industry. For ten years, the Intersolar Award has reflected international technological trends, and accompanied and shaped developments in the industry. In fact, the evolution of the solar industry can be followed in the history of the Award. While increasing the quality and efficiency of cells, modules and inverters, and reducing costs were predominant topics in the early years, aspirations steadily turned towards optimizing components and control systems for yield security and increasing systems integration. Other market trends have included optimizing self-consumption and cutting-edge control and regulation systems. In recent years, a new trend in the industry has emerged: digitization has allowed solar modules to become smart. The industry is currently also focusing on the maintenance and management of PV systems, as well as grid integration. 

New topic: Smart renewable energy

The global expansion of renewable energy is also driven by continuous development and innovation in the industry. In 2017, pioneering ideas and groundbreaking approaches are set to be honored at Intersolar Europe for the 10th year in a row. During this time, the Intersolar Award has established itself as the most important and most international prize in the global solar industry. Finalists receive the opportunity to present their products and projects to an international audience. Together with international industry associations, the organizers pay tribute to outstanding products, applications and projects. Since 2008, the Award has received 908 submissions from 45 different countries, and 97 products, services and projects have been awarded the prize to date. Submissions can be entered in the categories of Photovoltaics and Outstanding Solar Projects. This year, the Outstanding Solar Projects category is being expanded to include the new topic Smart Renewable Projects, which focuses on the combination of energy generation, storage, grid integration and energy management. Participants are invited to submit projects and intelligent solutions, which analyze and optimize power generation and consumption, as well as interconnect various pieces of technical equipment and thereby help to create smart concepts for managing and storing renewable energy.

Apply now 

All interested parties are invited to submit the required documents online at from 9 January to 17 March, 2017. Any company set to exhibit at one of the global Intersolar or ees events in 2017 is eligible to submit their projects and products. Project owners are also welcome to enter a submission. Interested parties can register in advance and learn more about the award. The prizes will then be presented in a ceremony as part of Intersolar and ees Europe on 31 May, 2017

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