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Kaco new energy launches 50kW three-phase, transformerless smart module mode inverter at Intersolar North America. This new, bankable inverter brings significant cost advantage to the commercial-scale market through partnership with Tigo Energy.

Kaco new energy, a global leader in PV inverter manufacturing with 6.8 gigawatts of inverters deployed since 1999, launches their three-phase, transformerless inverter solution optimized for use with smart modules utilizing Tigo Energy‘s patented Smart Curve technology for the North American market. Available today, blueplanet 50.0 TL3 inverters welcome higher power strings based on smart module hardware.

This synchronized solution provides significant advantages todevelopers and system integrators: The Tigo and Kaco technology integration optimizes performance throughout the entire PV system. Tigo Smart Curve enables PV 
modules operating with a Kaco inverter to provide previously unattainable levels of design flexibility while monitoring PV system health at the module level. It actively controls the PV module current / voltage relationship and allows for 25% more PV modules in series which reduces the number of parallel source circuits.

For installers that means fewer home runs, fuses, and combiner boxes; achieving significant balance of system cost reductions. The Tigo Smart Curve technology allows multiple levels of data monitoring to enhance performance analysis and system diagnostics. This reduces operations and maintenance costs by utilizing a web based monitor to remotely diagnose issues at both the module and inverter level.

Kaco new energy is exhibing in Booth 8047 and Tigo Energy in Booth 8121 at Intersolar North America.

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