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Intersolar North America and ees

Thousands of attendees streamed into the Intersolar and ees North America exhibition halls Tuesday, when Intersolar North America opened its 10th annual event in San Francisco, along with ees North America. The two events offer attendees the chance to see the latest solar and storage technologies from both established market leaders and innovative up-and-coming companies. These events are expected to draw 18,000 visitors from across the world to visit more than 500 exhibitors. Together, it’s the most well-attended event in the industry. 

The mood on the show floor was extremely positive and optimistic—many attendees reflected on the great strides the solar and energy storage industries has made, as the amount of solar power has increased, and significant progress made in driving down costs and boosting efficiency. In presentations on the two exhibition stages and in conversations on the show floor, many drew comparisons between the state of the storage industry now and the state of the solar industry 10 years ago. With solid incentive and policy programs in place, promising new technologies being developed, and clear benefits to both the grid and users, solar-plus-storage is expected to undergo a tremendous growth period, and that was enough to get attendees buzzing. 

There are a series of presentations and special events taking place at the two exhibition stages, the ees Stage and the Innovation & Application Stage. One of the most prominent and well-attended of these was the 2017 IREC 3iAward Ceremony. Each year, the awards celebrate the nation’s best innovation, ingenuity and inspiration in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Awards were given in four categories: Community/Shared Renewables, State & Local Government Initiatives, Regulatory Champion of the Year and IREC Certified Clean Energy Trainer of the Year. 

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