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Lockheed Martin solar carport

Powering up Lockheed Martin’s new 145,379-square-foot solar carport in east Orlando, lead contractor Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) joined the global security and aerospace company in marking completion of one of Florida’s largest privately owned solar arrays. As an innovative way for companies large and small to “go green” with rapid ROI, the project spotlights the potential of high-tech carports to offset energy use while shielding employees’ vehicles from the Florida sun.

The 2 megawatt solar carport located at Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems facility parking lot is expected to produce 3.41 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year and will save approximately $370,000 in energy costs annually. Fort Lauderdale-based Advanced Green Technologies, Florida’s largest solar contractor and a sister company to Advanced Roofing Inc., provided design, procurement and construction of the project.

AGT had previously partnered with Lockheed Martin to design and build the like-sized solar carport near Clearwater Florida. Completed in 2015 as the largest private solar array in the state, that initial solar carport has consistently achieved its energy production goals, according to Clint Sockman, vice president of Advanced Roofing and AGT.

Providing shelter for 592 cars, the new east Orlando solar carport’s four superstructures include 6,688 Hanwha SolarOne S-series solar modules and inverters by SunGrow. AGT broke ground for the fast-track, multi-phased project in November 2016.  A full under-canopy LED lighting system enhances the carport’s convenience and security.

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