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Lumeta Lynx

Lumeta Solar LLC, a California PV module manufacturer, today announced the launch of Lumeta Lynx, a line of solar modules that eliminate racking resulting in faster installation, zero roof penetrations, and improved aesthetics. The low-profile, black-on-black, frameless monocrystalline modules adhere directly to the roof, dramatically reducing module installation time on tile, shingle, and commercial roofs.

The Lumeta Lynx 60 is a 300W 18.1% efficient module is designed for both tile roofs, where it is installed using inserts that create a level surface, and composition shingle roofs. The Lumeta Lynx 72 is a 360W 18.3% efficient module designed for installation on almost all commercial roof systems. Lumeta Lynx will begin shipping to select partners in Q4 2017 and be available throughout the United States in Q1 2018.

Lumeta Lynx weighs less than half of glass-fronted modules with racking, and their construction varies from traditional modules a few ways:

  • Dupont's ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) replaces the glass front sheet and enables heat dissipation
  • High efficiency black monocrystalline silicon cells with industry-standard EVA encapsulation provides decades of reliable energy production
  • A FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) semi-rigid back sheet protects the cells
  • A tapered edge seal replaces the frame, removing the need for grounding and lessening soiling
  • Industrial-strength butyl adhesive, commonly used in the roofing industry, secures the module for the system's lifetime and enables removal if ever required

The module was tested to NREL's demanding Qualification Plus standard and passed a Black & Veatch-developed reliability and robustness testing protocol that ensures the module withstands the rigors of real-life handling.

The modules will be on display at Solar Power International 2017 in booth 4157.

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