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Nevada governor strikes down community solar

Nevada Governor Sandoval vetoed Senate Bill 392, which received broad support from both Republicans and Democrats in both chambers of the Nevada Legislature, as well as national security leaders, faith communities, clean energy and public health advocates. SB 392 sought to make Nevada the sixteenth state plus D.C. to establish a statewide community solar program and expand access to clean energy for more Nevada families and small businesses, including those who rent or can’t host solar on their own roofs. Following are statements from Vote Solar and bill sponsor Senator Mo Denis. 

“Governor Sandoval’s disappointing decision to veto community solar access is at odds with the more than 70% of Nevadan voters who supported energy choices in November’s election, and with the overwhelming support for community solar from national security experts, faith communities, small businesses, and clean energy advocates,” said Jessica Scott, Interior West Director at Vote Solar. “While the Governor’s decision is a missed opportunity to invite new jobs and investments in the Silver State, we’re pleased that other bills have been approved that will begin to rebuild Nevada’s clean energy economy.”

"We all know that Nevada has a great resource with our abundant sunshine. For more than 20 years Nevada homeowners have been able to place solar panels on their rooftops to reduce the electricity they purchase from the grid and receive a credit on their bill for any excess energy that is fed back to the grid," said Nevada State Senator Mo Dennis. "I brought the idea of community solar gardens to the legislature this year to allow those who aren’t fortunate enough to own a home or choose to live in multifamily units the ability to go solar. Going solar allows citizens the ability to choose the source of their electricity and will provide important bill savings to the customers who need it most.  With the veto of SB392, we continue to limit our citizens’ ability to invest in clean renewable energy. I am disappointed that many of my constituents will continue to be prevented from participating in the vibrant and growing solar economy simply because they do not own their home."  

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