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Outback Power Energy Express

OutBack Power Technologies, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of advanced renewable energy products and systems, brought the Energy Express, its energy storage-focused roadshow to the 2017 NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Continuing Education Conference. The Energy Express van will showcase several energy solutions to help solar installers grow their businesses, including OutBack Power’s ProHarvest line and the ICS Plus. The equipment on display at the show is designed for energy reliability and compliance, providing business owners, residents and installers with resilient platforms that adhere to the latest regulatory requirements.

The changing regulatory and policy climate can cause headaches for installers that need to stay current with new economic incentives, regulations and technology requirements. OutBack will showcase the ICS Plus, its integrated combiner solution, which provides arc-fault protection, advanced ground-fault protection and rapid shutdown. With the ICS Plus solution, OutBack Power is the only manufacturer with a UL1741-RSS-listed system from rooftop down to energy storage, helping installers meet current NEC 2014 and 2017 requirements. Also on display will be OutBack’s ProHarvest products, which are specially designed for rugged 3-phase commercial installations, expanding professionals’ opportunities across residential and commercial applications. NABCEP attendees will experience these offerings and other opportunities to train and expand their businesses with the arrival of OutBack Power’s Energy Express, providing training for both residential and commercial applications.

Upcoming Energy Express dates and locations

To learn more about OutBack Power’s Energy Express tour and find locations, contact OutBack Power at (360) 435-6030 or check out the tour stops at

Locations (subject to change):

March 20-24

Texas (NABCEP Conference in Dallas)

March 27-31

Northern Arizona and Southern California

April 3-7

Southern California

April 10-14

Bay Area and Northern California 

April 17 and beyond: New dates and locations to come

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