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OutBack Power Announces Storage Incentive Program

OutBack Power Technologies, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power and mobile applications, announced SystemEdge, its new energy storage incentive program designed to encourage installers to integrate energy storage into their renewable energy systems.

OutBack Power is taking a leadership position to advance the use of energy storage one project at a time. The incentive program will run through 31 October, 2015. 

Utilities and other regulatory bodies are discussing the future of energy storage and trying to figure out how to incentivize it at the state and utility level. OutBack Power is thinking locally by incentivizing installers to add storage to their renewable energy installations. Installers who participate in OutBack’s SystemEdge program can use the incentive any way they want to build their businesses.

OutBack Power’s storage-backed renewable energy systems of at least 4 KwH are eligible for the incentive. The incentive scales based on the amount of storage and systemcapacity present, but will range from $200 to $800 per project. The program will run from 6 April to 31 October, with a grace period until December 15 to submit claims.

As the only solar industry brand that offers both power conversion and energy storage, OutBack Power is able to provide a one-stop resource for installers who want to be part of the energy storage future. An example of the energy storage advantages that OutBack Power offers its installers, the SystemEdge incentive joins OutBack’s OnSite Direct shipping program to address the challenges installers face with installing or stocking batteries.

For more information about the SystemEdge storage incentive program, please email [email protected].

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