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REFUsol 22K JP

REFU is presenting the new REFUsol 22K-JP three-phase string inverter at PV Expo in Tokyo.

The inverter is based on the successful platform of the REFUsol 08 … 23K family, which achieves maximum output without maintenance effort thanks to natural convection cooling. With only 38.4 kg it is the lightest device in its power class and simplifies installation. The new REFUsol 22K-JP allows flexible system planning even in rough terrains and thanks to the decentralized system concept, its use offers highest availability with reduced risk. The tried-and-tested UltraEta® topology enables the inverters to attain maximum efficiency levels of over 98%, which result in increased yields. The devices can be connected to our cloud monitoring portal REFUlog via the integrated datalogger to keep track of the system status and performance.

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