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REC and Sungevity announce partnership

REC Solar, a national provider of commercial solar and energy solutions, and Sungevity, a specialist in the global solar market, today announced a strategic partnership to help businesses of all sizes reduce energy costs. As part of the deal, the two solar providers will share sales leads appropriate to each company’s market focus to accelerate growth across the commercial sector.

The partnership is aimed at reducing soft costs and eliminating capital investments required for businesses interested in going solar. Under the agreement, Sungevity will join REC Solar’s partner program and offer the REC Solar PPA to its customers. REC Solar and Sungevity will share sales leads to connect potential customers with the optimal company to meet their specific needs. REC Solar will provide solar power and energy services for larger-scale commercial customers, while Sungevity will specialize in working with small- and medium-sized commercial markets.

REC Solar has more than 17 years of experience helping businesses reduce energy costs by going solar. Last year, REC Solar announced $225 million in financing to enable businesses to go solar with no upfront costs, similar to popular financing options provided by residential solar companies.

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