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Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

Powin Energy, a provider of fully integrated energy storage solutions for utility, commercial and industrial, and microgrid applications, has been selected by Adon Renewables to provide energy storage systems for a portfolio of seven solar plus storage projects in Hawai’i.

Each site will store solar energy not used during daylight hours and then discharge that energy for the customer’s use each evening when the sun goes down. Over time, Powin and Adon Renewables will leverage Powin’s site management software and its patented Battery Pack Operating System (bp-OS) to provide a wide array of services to both the onsite customer and the utility. These services may include: frequency and voltage regulation, local capacity augmentation, emergency services, and load control.

Each Powin Energy Stack140 storage system will be coupled with solar PV panels and will be controlled by Powin’s bp-OS that was patented in both the United States and China in 2016. The batteries will be charged with excess energy from the solar panels during the day when loads are lightest and utility rates the lowest. The batteries will then be fully discharged each evening to provide additional power during periods of increased grid load, thus allowing the facilities to avoid the highest rates.

The initial seven sites feature prominent customers such as the iconic Boy Scouts of America and marquee resort property Aqua Kauai Beach Resort.

Powin Energy’s Stack140 is a modular, purpose-built 140 kWh battery array that easily and cost-effectively scales from 125 kW to multiple megawatt applications. It is available in both indoor and NEMA 3R outdoor models, each of which is engineered to maximize energy density and minimize system footprint. All Stack140 systems are operated by Powin’s proprietary bp-OS software that includes the industry-exclusive Battery Odometer and Warranty Tracker™. Powin’s supply chain expertise, modular design, and software proficiency streamline installation and make integrating energy storage into projects pain free.

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