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Sinacon HC hybrid converter

Sinacon HC from Siemens is a modular, flexible and easy to use hybrid converter that enables the integration of distributed resources to power grids. The company reports that Sinacon HC has fewer components, faster installation and over 98% efficiency.

Unlike other inverters in the market, Sinacon HC processes energy from various sources before it is converted to reliable grid power. It can connect up to three different generation and/or storage technologies simultaneously to provide three-phase AC power to a public grid and/or a microgrid and allows switching between the two. It eliminates the need for installing multiple single-source inverters, reducing the number of conversion components, transformers and switchgear in a system. This reduces costs and improves efficiency.

This modular, flexible hybrid converter concept works in conjunction with different decoupled DC sources. This allows different sources of energy to be connected to the grid using just a single converter with different DC and AC terminals. The wide voltage range from 100 to 1150 Volts (V) DC allows an extensive choice of source and storage assets to be connected independently of the AC mains voltage level. This makes the converter compatible with traditional and emerging technologies, from lithium ion to redox flow batteries to fuel cells and more. The AC voltage of 620 V allows the creation of standardized solutions and opens up potential for savings in the system.

A consistently high grid quality is assured throughout by an optimized grid filter concept with hysteresis current control, yielding extremely low harmonics (THDi<1.49%).

The hybrid converter comes with all the necessary conditions for feeding into medium-voltage grids, and is certified according to UL1741, CSA 22.2 107.1, BDEW and TAB-HS and is IEEE1547 compliant.

The type tested, ready-to-connect cabinet system combines reliability with outstanding availability and efficient support through the global Siemens service platform. It also offers extensive scope for remote maintenance, control and operating status diagnosis using a web server.

Components for Sinacon HC are sourced from the U.S. and the wide-reaching Siemens global supply chain and assembled in the Alpharetta, Georgia (US). assembly center. Domestic production allows for shorter delivery times, transitioning quickly from specs to provisioning to an up-and-running installation.

Siemens Process Industries and Drives helps its customers increase productivity, safety, reliability, efficiency and time-to-market for plants and processes with innovative, integrated technology across the entire lifecycle.

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