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The Australian Solar Council and Energy Storage Council have called on all Energy Ministers to implement a 6 point plan to reform Australia’s electricity market.

The Australian Solar Council and Energy Storage Council call on all Energy Ministers to implement the following key measures::

  1. Establish a plan for the orderly closure of coal-fired power stations;
  2. Make action on climate change a key objective of the National Electricity Market;
  3. Commit to at least 50% renewables by 2030;
  4. Introduce a 5-minute settlement rule;
  5. Enable markets in peer to peer trading and demand response; and
  6. Replace the Australian Energy Regulator and Australian Energy Market Commission with a new combined energy rule maker and regulator.

The energy market is changing rapidly and will be completely transformed within the next decade by the combination of distributed and large-scale solar, energy storage, demand response, energy efficiency and smart energy management systems.

COAG Energy Ministers have a critical role to play in what the Finkel Review has called a “once in a generation opportunity to reform the national electricity market”.

Australia is unprepared for the energy transformation that is about to occur. That is why the Finkel Review – an independent analysis of the National Electricity Market – is so important.

More details: The full briefing note can be seen at Energy Storage Council - Latest News

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