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Compact medium-voltage power platform from SMA is designed for utility-scale PV plants

SMA introduced an improved, re-engineered version of its Medium-Voltage Power Platform. The new Compact MV Power Platform is an integrated, comprehensive power conversion solution for utility-scale PV plants in the North American market. It maximizes energy production while minimizing risk to EPCs, utilities and investors.

Available in 1.0 to 1.8 megawatt models, the Compact MV Power Platform provides maximum return on investment with a reduced levelized cost of energy due to simplified installation and superior energy production. Combined with SMA’s established bankability and high reliability, the Compact MV Power Platform is a turnkey solution for utility-scale PV projects.

Engineered for use with the Sunny Central CP-US, this NEC 2011-compliant solution is also fully NRTL listed, an industry first. Equipped with extensive grid management functions, it offers class-leading system efficiencies of more than 97.5% and provides an additional 10% power output at temperatures up to 25 C.

The system-oriented design of the Compact MV Power Platform includes integrated AC Disconnects and optional DC Disconnect units. Its user-friendly customer interface and easy data monitoring enhance the simplified design, SMA reports.

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