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Sol Voltaics GaAs nanowire array solar cell

Sol Voltaics, providing advanced nano material technology for the solar industry, today announced that it has doubled the previously reported world-record for photovoltaic (PV) conversion efficiency using a gallium-arsenide (GaAs) nanowire array (NWA).

As independently verified by Fraunhofer-ISE, Sol Voltaics has demonstrated a 1-sun conversion efficiency of 15.3% in a GaAs NWA solar cell, representing a significant milestone towards providing the solar industry with an efficiency boosting tandem film.

Sol Voltaics reports that this is the highest efficiency reported to date in a III-V NWA solar cell, and twice the prior record for GaAs NWA technology. Control of the high density of surface states of native GaAs is essential for PV applications, and these results prove that the company has resolved this challenge in the growth of solar cell nanowires.

Sol Voltaics AB was founded in 2008 based on technology developed at Lund University in Sweden.  Sol Voltaics develops novel nanomaterials for enhancing solar panels and other products. The company focuses on improving the economics & efficiencies of solar PV modules with higher opto-electric conversion efficiency through use of the company’s proprietary nanomaterial film and Aerotaxy nanowire manufacturing process. Aerotaxy is a registered trademark of Sol Voltaics AB.

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