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Innovative Solar Systems, based in Asheville, North Carolina (US) is currently the largest and highest quality developer of utility-scale solar farms in the United States and is further expanding to maintain a solid 10-15GW yearly pipeline of projects to their current Capital Groups, Investors and Funds. ISS is hiring several additional In House Energy and PPA Attorneys as well as additional Interconnection Electrical Engineers to assure that the company can more rapidly develop and deploy their current revolving pipeline of over 10GW's per year now involving over 200 solar farm projects ranging in size from 20MW (AC) to Over 80MW (AC) in over total 35 US States. 

Innovative Solar Systems can provide investors and investment groups with single portfolios of projects over 1GW in size and as large as 10GW's per year. The pure quality and volume of Solar Farms that ISS is now able to deploy makes the company quite attractive to serious entities with Billions of Capital to deploy per year on an ongoing basis. ISS has had expansive, explosive and rapid growth over the last several years and has been instrumental in providing high return projects to many very large companies that have leveraged those projects to facilitate their own massive growth and expansions through mergers and IPO's. Innovative Solar Systems has been one of the few Solar Farm Development companies in the US to experience repeated 20X growth year after year with no end in sight.

ISS is currently expanding once again and will be hiring several additional In House Energy and PPA Attorneys as well as additional qualified and experienced Renewable Energy Interconnection type Electrical Engineers and business development finance sales associates. Potential candidates for the PPA Attorney, Engineer or Finance/Sales positions should contact ISS directly with a resume.

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