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The Solar Survey Tool from SolarTools transforms the iPhone into the ultimate solar site-assessment tool an all-in-one device that enables solar industry professionals to conduct a complete and thorough residential/commercial site-assessment for the majority of solar applications.

The app takes you step by step through the process of gathering necessary information in the form of text, photo/audio notes and calculations. Then, with the touch of a button, all data entered into the solar survey is instantly formatted and emailed to you as a PDF. To learn more about the app, see the company video below.


Solar Tool Benefits:

  • SAVE TIME. Gather all critical information, send completed survey to the project manager in the office and provide an accurate quote ON-SITE. No need to go back to the office to compile the site assessment.
  • EDUCATE. Cut out the long on-boarding process. SolarTools is easy to use and designed for solar installers of all experience levels. Photo selection fields help new employees understand what they are looking at quicker and better.
  • ORGANIZE. The iPhone now replaces cumbersome devices required to conduct a site-assessment; like a digital camera, audio recorder, clipboard/pencil, flashlight, GPS and much more. All relevant information is stored within each survey. Never again lose a phone number or email address. Take photo and audio notes to cover a field in more detail. Completed surveys can be sent to up to 4 email addresses.
  • CUSTOMIZE. Make the survey specific to your company and your customer. Select the appropriate language, region, measurement system and more for each survey. SolarTools encompasses both photovoltaic and solar water heating technologies. If needed, add new fields to your surveys. Include your company logo on the final survey.

Top Features:

  • Multiple applications: PV on-grid/off-grid and solar thermal DHW/Space heating/Pool heating/Spa heating
  • Critical fields tags inform the user of which fields are critical in conducting a proper site assessment
  • Choose from multiple languages, regional locations and measurement units
  • Large keyboard when you rotate the phone
  • Create your own custom fields
  • Take photo AND audio notes
  • Track your pictures with built-in Geo-tagging
  • Personalize surveys with your companys logo
  • Automatic distribution of surveys to up to 4 email addresses
  • Continually expanding set of tools will provide additional functionality/convenience when completing surveys

Video Overview Of Solar Tools

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