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Mounting Systems announces new racking systems at SPI 2013

At the Solar Power International trade show in Chicago, Mounting Systems, Inc, a California-based manufacturer will introduce two new PV racking systems.

Dubbed Alpha+ (Alpha plus) and Tau(Tau plus), the new pitched roof racking systems employ Mounting Systems’ all-new Clickstone technology. This new connection technology gives photovoltaic system owners and installers a higher level of installation speed, simplicity and economy. An updated version of the Mounting Systems Quick Configurator planning tool with greater functionality and an improved user interface will also be introduced.

Integral to the new Alpha+ and Tau+ product lines, the new Clickstone fasteners are the successors to Mounting Systems’ patented Quickstone. The Clickstone works on a simple principle: click into the rail, position, tighten, done. This results in fast assembly, precise positioning and increased security during installation. The Clickstone’s symmetrical design lets the installer insert the Clickstone into the rail more easily, adjust it more accurately and secure it more quickly.

The systems use new, economical rails to accommodate the Clickstone system components. The symmetrical rail channels contribute to speeding and simplifying system assembly and installation. The Clickstone itself takes up less room in the rail which further contributes to the overall economy.

Other important system characteristics of the new products include Mounting Systems’ telescoping rail ends that eliminate cutting rails, three separate rail sizes to allow optimizing span, use and roof attachments, new Tau+ rails that make landscape mounting faster and more secure. In addition, the roof mounting hooks provide significantly enhanced positioning capability and quick height adjustment.

Additionally, Mounting Systems will present newly designed software for safe and fast planning of both the Alpha+ and the Tau+. The Quick Configurator features a user-friendly design and expanded functions such as the ability to work simultaneously on different projects. The software provides everything a customer needs: a location specific structural verification, a ready-to-order bill of material and a clear installation plan. 

Mounting Systems GmbH was founded in 1993 in Dahlewitz, Germany. With 20 years of expertise in the market, Mounting Systems is one of the foremost international developers and producers of racking systems for photovoltaic and solar thermal facilities. In September 2008, Mounting Systems GmbH began operating as an independent company and has been selling its products in the market since. Today, the racking systems, produced in Rangsdorf and West Sacramento, are delivered to customers around the world. In 2010, Mounting Systems opened a representative office in Lyon, France. Additional representative offices have since been opened in London and Tokyo.

Mounting Systems, Inc., located in West Sacramento, CA is the US-based affiliate of Mounting Systems, GmbH, headquartered in Rangsdorf, Germany. In 2010, Mounting Systems, Inc. was established in West Sacramento, California as a manufacturer of racking systems and components for the US and Canadian market. 

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