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Stions all-black thin-film solar modules

Stion, a manufacturer of proprietary, high-efficiency, monolithically integrated CIGSS thin-film solar modules, announced the release and certification of the Elevation Series STO module line.

The STO module line is currently available in variants ranging from 135 Watt to 150 Watt in 5 Watt increments. Stion’s STO modules are certified to the ANSI/UL 1703, IEC 61730 and IEC 61646 standards.

The STO line provides improved module performance by 10 additional Watts and at the same time achieves record low temperature coefficient of 0.26%/°C, thus providing better energy yield in virtually any climate. Stion modules boast leading energy generation density (kWh/ft2) over conventional silicon based modules and consistently outperform crystalline silicon modules in side-by-side tests around the world.

The STO module line is certified to meet all 1,000 volt IEC and 1,000 volt UL applications. This enhancement allows for longer strings, lower balance of system hardware and lower labor costs. The STO line is a dual glass / glass construction providing significantly improved moisture resistance and lifetime durability over the traditional polymer based backsheets used in traditional PV modules. Stion modules are resistant to potential induced degradation, light-induced degradation, and provide a durable solution engineered to survive in harsh environments and out-perform in non-ideal situations.

Stion’s proprietary, monolithically integrated CIGSS high-efficiency thin-film solar modules use significantly less energy and raw materials than traditional PV modules and are fully compliant with the European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

Stion is a US-based manufacturer of high-efficiency thin-film solar modules based on state-of-the-art materials and device technology.

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