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Sunnova Energy Corporation, a residential solar service provider in the US, announced today the closing of another round of funding that includes an industry record-setting private placement by its subsidiary, Helios Issuer, LLC, of approximately $255 million aggregate principal amount of asset-backed notes. Credit Suisse acted as the sole structuring agent and sole bookrunner. The deal also includes two warehouse credit facilities in an aggregate principal amount of $360 million. Combined, this represents a $615 million round of funding. This financing round represents Sunnova’s first asset-backed notes securitization.

Sunnova has now raised $695 million over the past two months and more than $2 billion in the past four years, including tax equity, debt and corporate equity, from private equity firms, institutional investors and major Wall Street banks.

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC acted as sole structuring agent and sole bookrunner for the asset-backed notes private placement. 

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