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Vivint Collaboration with ChargePoint

Vivint Solar, Inc., a full-service residential solar provider, today announced a strategic agreement with ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, to offer ChargePointHome charging solutions and custom installations directly to residential customers.

Vivint Solar will work with ChargePoint and other strategic collaborators to provide Fully Integrated Solar, the industry’s most comprehensive residential product suite featuring a solar energy system, EV charger, home battery and smart home technology for intelligent energy management. By leveraging best-in-class energy technologies, Fully Integrated Solar from Vivint Solar enables consumers to build their own clean-energy ecosystems at home.

Compatible with any EV, ChargePoint Home brings innovation to the home garage, offering the smartest, smallest and most advanced home charging solution for EV drivers. The first and only home charger with ENERGY STAR certification, ChargePoint Home charges EVs up to six times faster than a standard 110V outlet, delivering up to 25 miles of Range Per Hour and using 40 percent less energy than a standard EV charger when not charging. ChargePoint Home features a compact, slim design and is easy to manage with an app that enables drivers to schedule charging, start charging remotely and track energy usage and all charging in one place.

When EV drivers need to charge away from home, they can count on more than 40,000 ChargePoint charging spots across North America. ChargePoint is the only charging company that offers a suite of solutions to serve EV drivers everywhere they go: at home, at work, around town and on a trip.

Vivint Solar provides consumers an expansive solution for powering their homes and vehicles with renewable energy. Earlier this year, Vivint Solar expanded its core rooftop solar offering to include smart home energy management capabilities and home energy storage. With today’s addition of ChargePoint Home residential chargers, Vivint Solar is now consumers’ simplest way to find, install and service the most comprehensive suite of renewable energy technologies for the home.

Fully Integrated Solar from Vivint Solar will help enable customers to optimize both their energy production and consumption. First, the customer’s Vivint Solar photovoltaic system produces clean energy, which can then be stored in a home battery storage system. Without any effort from the consumer, the battery system intelligently delivers energy to the home depending on electricity rates, and provides a backup power source for the home if the grid goes down. An integrated energy management system from Vivint Smart Home uses artificial intelligence to help customers further reduce their energy usage. For example, a smart thermostat can reduce heating and cooling costs by 10-15 percent. Finally, the addition of ChargePoint Home enables the customer to charge their EV at home while expanding the benefits of solar energy to their mode of transportation.

This new fully integrated offering reflects the ongoing effort of Vivint Solar to directly respond to the needs of customers. According to a study from Research Now, many consumers are interested in bundling a residential solar energy system with other emerging energy technologies, such as a smart home system (54 percent), home battery storage (46%), and an EV charging station (28%).

Vivint Solar will offer the ChargePoint EV solution directly to homeowners in select markets in California. Customers will be able to buy the complete home solar solution – or customize a package based on their needs – through Vivint Solar’s personal sales representatives.

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