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XsunX, Inc. , a solar and energy saving technologies provider, continues to strengthen their corporate value proposition within the solar market, recently delivering a sophisticated energy management system to a commercial client.

The energy management system pairs a commercial solar parking canopy with smart energy storage to provide up to 90kW of renewable energy instantaneously during peak day-time use hours and as much as 58kW instantaneously at off-peak hours.

This advanced solar and energy storage system monitors facility energy usage in real-time and then feeds either solar or stored energy (as needed) to prevent the client from crossing over into more expensive utility rates.

Termed "Parallel Operation," the solar system, energy storage, and utility power operate simultaneously to ensure the client is always achieving maximum efficiency - and most importantly, the lowest cost.

"The advantage of energy storage is that XsunX can offer our clients the benefits of solar energy anytime day or night to increase savings and occasionally even shorten payback times. As an example, the addition of energy storage showed the potential for a client to increase savings by 34% while reducing the payback time by 12%." stated Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, Inc.

Widely regarded within the commercial solar industry as the single largest value proposition for solar applications, the addition of energy storage and management technologies to the Company's already popular solar canopy offering allows XsunX to continue to distinguish itself within the renewable energy marketplace.

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