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Today, the Sierra Club released a new report showcasing 10 U.S. cities that have made ambitious commitments to be powered with 100% clean, renewable energy like wind and solar.

Ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit beginning this week in San Francisco, the report illustrates the progress and impact that cities in the United States are making to lead climate action globally by driving the transition to 100% clean energy, as well as the pathways these communities are pursuing to achieve their goals in an equitable way.

More than 80 U.S. cities have now committed to transition to 100% clean energy, including big cities like Atlanta, Georgia and small towns such as Abita Springs, Louisiana. At least six U.S. cities have already achieved 100% clean energy and are powered today with entirely renewable sources.

In California, where nearly 20 cities have committed to 100 percent clean energy, Governor Jerry Brown on Monday signed Senate Bill 100 (SB100) into law, setting the fifth largest economy in the world on a path to 100% clean energy by 2045.

This is the third annual case studies report from Ready For 100, a Sierra Club campaign launched in 2016 working in cities across the United States to accelerate a just and equitable transition to 100 percent clean energy.

The cities profiled in this year’s report include: Columbia, South Carolina; Concord, New Hampshire; Denton, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Norman, Oklahoma; Orlando, Florida; Santa Barbara, California; St. Louis, Missouri

View the report here:

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