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Investing in solar pipeline

National Energy Partners (NEP) and Forum Equity Partners (Forum) signed an agreement in which Forum will provide up to $15 million in growth financing for NEP, a leading developer of distributed Photovoltaic Solar Generation Systems for commercial and municipal customers. Under the agreement, Forum will provide development capital and construction equity financing for NEP’s rapidly growing portfolio of solar projects, including ground mount and rooftop installations. The innovative investment structure developed by Forum with NEP allows for the quick advancement of NEP’s pipeline of development and construction Photovoltaic Solar Generated Systems.

Forum is a privately owned alternative investment management and principal investment firm with a focus on infrastructure, renewable energy, and real estate. The Company continues to deliver a cumulative return on invested capital in the top 1% of alternative asset managers and oversees approximately $1.3 billion of assets under management. Over the last 20 years, Forum has acquired, sold, developed, or bid on a committed financing basis over $3 billion of assets.

Headquartered in Lindenwold, New Jersey (US), NEP works with leading public and private sector companies to provide cost-efficient and clean on-site energy solutions by developing and installing PV solar projects. NEP has been a preeminent developer of distributed PV solar systems since 2009.  The company has built a market leading position in its core geographies and a reputation for excellence among its counterparties and customers, including leading businesses and the US government.

Forum Equity Partners is a privately owned alternative investment management and development firm with a focus on assets in renewable energy, infrastructure and real estate. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) with additional offices in San Francisco and Vancouver, and $1.3 billion in assets under management Forum is committed to achieving aggressive growth through its investment in rapidly emerging new markets and industries with innovative, new investment approaches and programs.

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