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Steel manufacturing firm installs off-grid solar array

Apel Steel Corporation in Cullman, Alabama (US) contracted Ace, LLC Solar to move them off-grid with a PV solar power generating system.

The 340kW system was designed and developed to generate 470,213 kWH of AC electrical power annually to meet 98% of the energy requirements for the heavy machinery and plant operations and is expected to save Apel Steel more than $3,000,000 on its electric bills over the 30-year life expectancy of the system.

The system was installed by Ace, LLC Solar, based in Pulaski, Tennessee (US). 

The 1088 Suntech panels were mounted on 45 Solar FlexRack Series G1L racking systems, which are factory pre-assembled and developed to adapt to any terrain. They are also certified to withstand heavy wind, rain and snow loads.

To achieve Apel Steel’s goal for going off-the-grid and becoming energy independent, Ace, LLC Solar, along with its design and delivery partners installed its enerG•Station, a utility-scale energy harvesting, monitoring and distribution system that is housed completely on site in an 8' x 40' container. The enerG•Station takes Apel Steel off the grid with a battery backup and proprietary energy distribution monitoring and control software that optimizes energy storage, use and distribution.

As a division of Northern States Metals, Solar FlexRack offers ground, roof, and tracking systems; along with a number of engineering and field support services. 

Ace, LLC Solar is an energy contracting company that specializes in parallel / behind the meter connections with battery backup systems, providing solar energy solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients. 

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