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The Canadian solar industry is primed to participate in the Government of Alberta's newly launched Residential and Commercial Solar Program – a $36 million program supporting the installation of solar electricity generation on residential, multi-residential and small commercial roofs across the province with the goal of achieving 10,000 new solar roofs. This program will compliment other supportive policy targeting households, businesses, farms, indigenous communities and municipalities to make investments in becoming more energy efficient.

"Alberta , a province best known for its oil and gas industry, is also rapidly becoming western Canada's leader in renewable energy," John Gorman, President and CEO of Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) states. "The Government of Alberta is positioning the province for the diversification of its energy future by exploring another one of its abundant energy sources – the sun.  More Albertan households and small businesses will now be empowered to go solar, strengthening local economies and creating jobs. The government has delivered on their word and the Canadian solar industry is ready to deliver in return."

The program is another important step toward solar becoming an integral part of Alberta's energy supply. Details of how Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan will create opportunities for the Canadian solar industry will be discussed at the upcoming Solar West Conference taking place 9 to 11 May in Edmonton . With 400 expected attendees spanning across the industry, Solar West is certain to be an event energy insiders cannot miss.

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