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Solar installation with APA GeoBallast Foundation

APA Solar Racking offers a concrete free design for solar ballasts.  

APA’s Geoballast Foundation was developed after years of installing ballasted solar projects. The use of wet concrete has many hidden extra steps that it can increase man-hours. APA took the idea of a standard Gabion Basket and transformed that idea into a new ballasted solution.

The Geoballast was soft launched in late 2017.  With multiple projects underway, APA reports that its customers have improved their installation time and maintained their budgets.

APA Geoballast Foundation

The galvanized steel Gabion baskets are hot dipped and epoxy coated for extra protection and ideal for landfills, pavement and Brownfield sites. The ballast foundation is shipped 70% pre-assembled and filled onsite with standard quarry rock.  Anchor tubes connect the ballast and racking with no earth penetration.  Ballast staging can also greatly reduce installation time. They can be easily moved with a skid steer or carried to each location before filling with rock. 

The Geoballast is compatible with 2 in portrait or 4 in landscape designs and can accommodate snow loads to 70psf and wind speeds to 130mph. 

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