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Politics & Policy

News, analysis, reporting and insight on the latest in politics and policy affecting the solar energy industry. 

The conference featured important discussions on clean energy policy, finance, education, and more Register before July 25 for access to the recorded content at solar2020asesorg
The team from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, was the Grand Winner in the Residential Division of the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Design Challenge, held April 17-19, 2020 Illustration credit Miami University team
  • Solar power around the world

    Solar Markets Flourish Around the World

    Solar is becoming cost competitive with conventional energy technology, giving rise to new opportunities from both the technical as well as business side. According to IHS Markit, demand for solar continued to grow throughout the world, despite...
  • SPI 18

    What Not to Miss at Solar Power International 2018

    Solar Power International (SPI) is the leading North American conference and trade show for the solar industry. Run by SEIA and SEPA, SPI draws 20,000 energy industry professionals from all over the world, more than 700 exhibitors and offers 9...
  • Solars popularity in US

    Solar's Popularity is Challenged by Political Headwinds

    First it was the tariffs. Then it was the trade wars. Now it’s the increasingly contentious (and seemingly inevitable) fight between the solar industry and the utilities that provide electricity in the United States. But despite its...
  • Incentivizing Local Energy in the UK

    Exploring the Incentivization of Local Energy in the UK

    The UK’s energy landscape is changing rapidly. Tumbling renewable energy prices and growing public and political will to decarbonise the system has made the rise of the clean energy sector all but unstoppable. At the same time, technological...
  • ITC trade case moves to remedy phase

    What the ITC Ruling Means to the Solar Industry

    On Friday September 22, the International Trade Commission (ITC) in a unanimous decision found injury to the domestic crystalline silicon solar cell industry based on a petition brought by Suniva and SolarWorld.  The verdict came as no...

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