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  • honey bees

    Solar Preserves Farmland, Increases Revenue

    At a time when per acre farm revenue is down, development pressure on farmland is up and hundreds of family farms are lost each year, a growing number of farmers and rural communities are discovering that solar provides a surprising and welcome...
  • Solar Research

    Research Advances Solar Technology

    Recent solar research is bringing down the cost of solar as well as increasing efficiencies. It is also expanding the use of solar in ways that can help solve environmental problems, like the need for clean drinking water. Here we present the...
  • PV module testing

    Addressing Long-Term PV Module Reliability & Performance

    Most solar project developers and equipment buyers require two key certifications for solar PV modules – IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 or UL 1703. They demonstrate that PV modules are safe. None of these test standards address long-term PV module...
  • Making the grid smart

    Making the Grid Smarter

    It isn’t news that more American homes, businesses and communities are adopting clean energy technologies – solar, wind, energy storage and electric vehicles – as they recognize the environmental, economic, resiliency and public...
  • Municipal Solar in Peterborough, NH

    4 Ways that Cities Benefit from Local Solar Projects

    When a city decides to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, headlines follow. But the work has only just begun. Cities have many options for generating and purchasing renewable electricity, each of which comes with distinct benefits and...
  • cleaning buggy

    Cleaning Buggy Boosts Solar Panel Performance

    As solar energy evolves and becomes more mainstream, the industry will shift its focus from development and installation to maintenance and performance. The global solar market grew by more than 29% in 2017, according to a study published by...
  • New technologies advance inverters for photovoltaics

    Making Single-Phase Solar Inverters Smaller, Cheaper & Safer

    New technologies are allowing photovoltaic (PV) inverters to switch at ever higher frequencies. Consequently, these inverters are becoming much smaller and lighter. Meanwhile, international competition and reduced available subsidies for new...

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