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Renewable energy researchers, practitioners and educators have until Friday the 13th of April to respond to a National Call for Presenters for the American Solar Energy Society's ASES SOLAR 2018 Conference and Summit. This 47th annual ASES Conference is set for the University of Colorado, Boulder, August 5-8. The one-time extension on the Call was set in order to give those who have been on a spring break time to visit the conference website and prepare a proposal. According to ASES Executive Director Carly Rixham, "We also picked Friday the 13th to remind people that it's a lucky thing they still have time to join our outstanding roster of presenters."

ASES is taking a slightly different approach to the 2018 Conference and Summit, highlighting three timely and interdisciplinary Pathways to Renewable Energy Transformation:

  • Broadening access to renewables, to give everyone a choice and a voice
  • Orchestrating new energy systems, with renewables, energy efficiency and storage in every sector
  • Promoting solar for climate resilience, preparedness and recovery

ASES also will have a Research Pathways track, covering far-ranging technical topics, from solar forecasting to solar heating (including passive solar design), to new quality-control strategies and big-picture analyses. Case studies, covering academic and training curricula and successful outreach and education programs, are also staples of ASES National Solar Conferences.

In addition, the City of Boulder, Colorado, itself will be in the spotlight, as the City is making progress toward a goal, to be powered by 100 percent clean electricity by 2050. Mayor Suzanne Jones will provide a welcoming keynote address.

In addition to publishing proceedings in cooperation with the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), ASES plans to document core-track presentations and interactive Summit sessions, publishing a Pathways to Renewables Special Report this Fall.Findings also will be publicized through Solar Today magazine, social media and relationships with other groups that share the ASES vision.

Presentations are already planned on work at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), National Center for Atmospheric Research and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), as well as organizations, from Vote Solar to the Clean Energy Credit Union. A co-located workshop for participants in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar in Your Community Challenge will feature solar champions from low- to moderate-income communities nationwide.

Submit a proposal for a presentation or poster by April 13, or check the ASES conference website for Early Registration discounts, available beginning April 10.

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