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Atlas Material Testing

Atlas Material Testing Technology, a specialist in weathering technology and services, is exhibiting at NPE 2018, in Orlando, Florida, May 7–11 (booth #S15022).

Atlas is showcasing two of its most popular weathering testing instruments that enable users to test products realistically under accelerated conditions. Stop by the Atlas booth #S15022 and see the latest innovations in testing including:

Atlas`s new flagship in the Ci Series product line, the Ci4400 Weather-Ometer, featuring design modifications for user convenience, more intuitive operation, and improved chamber uniformity; and XenoCal for Ci, a more accurate technology for irradiance calibration that improves repeatability and reproducibility.

Also check out the Atlas SUNTEST XXL+, an extra-large flatbed instrument for accelerated weathering testing of polymers and coatings. SUNTEST XXL+ meets various US and international test standards and is best-in-class for 3-D specimens testing.

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