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Coast Citrus Distributors, a wholesaler of fruits and vegetables in the United States and Mexico since 1950, announced the completion and operation of a 432 kilowatt (kW) roof-mount solar energy system on its Union City, California, facility. This is the most recent addition to the company’s solar portfolio, which includes a 1.1 megawatt and 655 kW roof-mounted system on its Los Angeles and San Diego facilities, respectively. Borrego Solar Systems developed, designed and built Coast Citrus’ systems.

Together the systems are expected to generate approximately 4.1 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually, which will significantly reduce Coast Citrus’ energy costs.

Coast Citrus financed each of its solar projects with operational leases with Farmers and Merchant Bank. The lease enabled the company to go solar without paying any upfront costs and realize cost savings as soon as the system began operating. 

Throughout the term of the lease, the system is expected to generate enough emissions-free, clean energy to offset nearly 3,300 tons of carbon dioxide—the equivalent of offsetting emissions from 8 million miles driven or the amount sequestered by more than 3,800 acres of U.S. forests.

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