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CIGS manufacturing

Manz AG, a worldwide high-tech equipment manufacturer with an extensive technology portfolio, announces that ground has been broken on schedule for the CIGS turnkey line (CIGSfab) for serial production of CIGS thin film solar modules in China. Also the project for the CIGS research line (CIGSlab) is proceeding on schedule.

Eckhard Hörner-Marass, Management Board Chairman of Manz AG, remarks: "A good report for the start of the year: we are right on track with our preliminary work in our solar project and are within the scheduled timeline."

On about 58,000 m2 in Chongqing City, a Chinese metropolis of 32 million residents, the 306 MW CIGSfab will be the largest production plant for CIGS thin-film solar modules in the country. The new construction is scheduled for completion end of third quarter 2018; production will begin mid of 2019. In the future, about 450 employees will work at the location in Chongqing City.

The new construction of the 44 MW CIGSlab research line will be built on about 16,000 m2 in Peking and is also scheduled for completion end of third quarter 2018. The CIGSlab will commence operation beginning of the second quarter 2019. Together with the existing innovation line for CIGS thin film solar modules in Schwäbisch Hall, the CIGSlab will further accelerate the research process with about 170 employees. The goal is to leverage the potential of the CIGS technology for further increases in efficiency and reduction of manufacturing costs.

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