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BIPV project in Turkey

The biggest building integrated solar energy project in Turkey has come to a life with the MuÄla MenteÅe Bus Terminal Project. 

The  bus  terminal,  which  has  been  constructed  with a cost of approximately 11 million Turkish Liras, was launched as a giant project. It was opened in February 2019 as an exemplary application with the integrated solar energy system. On the 19 thousand 550 square meters of land, there are; 4670 square meter area of bus  terminal,  13  bus  platform,  13  mini-midibus  platform, 80 vehicles, motorcycles, bicycle parking places, cafeterias,  ticket  sales  units,  kiosks,  outdoor  and  indoor waiting areas, cultural activity areas etc. at all… The roof of the bus station has an area of 3 thousand 8 hundred and forty square meters.

BIPV is one of the ways to produce its own energies in an  environmentally  friendly  way,  especially  for  institutions, establishments and similar facilities with adequate spaces. In the systems integrated into the building, a power plant can be formed by means of solar panels assembled on large roof areas. 

1760 solar panels were placed on the roof in order to meet 80% of the energy need

Thanks to the 1760 solar panels placed on the 3840 square meter roof of the bus station, 80% of the electricity needs of all service areas of  the  bus  station  and  bus  terminal  are  going  to  be covered.

Semi-transparent panels with special properties customized for the project from Ankara Solar

One  thousand  seven  hundred  sixty  semi-transparent solar  panels  having  the  capacity  to  produce  290,40 kWp were manufactured by Ankara Solar in the desired dimensions and qualities in the project. With the usage of 165W Monocrystalline solar panel used in the project and the preference of semi-transparent panels, the savings in the interior lighting were also provided as well. 

The first building integrated solar energy (BIPV) was used in the building of the Edirne Ministry of Environment and Urbanism Building in Turkey in 2017. The solar panels used in this project were also produced by Ankara Solar Company.

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