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  • Business Opportunity

    Business Opportunities in the Solar Industry

    In two-thirds of the world, solar and wind now represent the least expensive option for new power-generating capacity, which is one reason that solar is a growing part of the energy mix. At the end of 2018, 500GW of PV capacity had been installed...
  • Residential Solar

    Residential Solar Update

    The residential solar industry was down about 15% in 2017, but rebounded in 2018, with a growth of 7%, according to the US Solar Market Insight Report. The U.S. residential solar market has now seen five consecutive quarters of modest growth,...
  • Solar Panels and Wind Turbines - Trends in Microgrids and Energy Storage

    Trends in Microgrids and Energy Storage

    A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability. It can be connected to the grid or not, but it has the ability to be disconnected to the grid and operate independently. By its very definition, it works well with energy storage, and due...
  • NEXTracker NX Horizon

    Global Solar Tracker Shipments Exceed 20GW

    Global unit shipments of single-axis solar photovoltaic (PV) trackers increased by over 40% in 2018, surpassing 20 gigawatts-dc (GW) globally for the first time. While the United States continued to be the largest individual market for...
  • Drone operator assessing solar power plant

    High-Tech Solutions for Solar Energy Asset Management

    It’s no secret that new technologies are up-ending many industries and solar energy is no exception. Cost reductions have enabled the rapid deployment of solar energy across the US and the globe resulting in a large and ever-growing installed...
  • Six Trends in Solar

    Six Trends in Solar, 2018

    In 2017 the solar industry rode what was dubbed “the solar coaster,” with ups and downs cycling throughout the year. Despite some of the downs, which include the Section 201 trade case in the US, there are many encouraging and positive...
  • Hurricane Maria

    Solar Industry Helps to Rebuild Puerto Rico

    In September tropical storms Harvey, Irma and Maria devastated islands and parts of the continental US. Both Irma and Maria reached category 5 intensity, with Irma wreaking havoc in Cuba before it continued on and made landfall in the Florida Keys....

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