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The California Energy Commission is scheduled to vote today on new standards that would mandate that most new homes have solar panels, starting in 2020. If passed (as it is expected to), California will be the first state with such a mandate.

While many are in favor of this mandate, others support the goal of “net zero” building, which means that the solar on the home produces just enough electricity to offset the fossil fuels consumed.

Passage of the solar mandate will further propel the solar industry in California, which is already number one in solar in the United States. 

A few facts about solar in California (Source: SEIA).

  • Homes powered by solar: 5,441,189
  • Percentage of California electricity from solar: 15.56%
  • Solar jobs: 86,491
  • Solar manufacturers: 450
  • Installers/developers: 1231
  • Total solar investment: $42,677.68 million
  • Growth projection: 13,402 MW over the next 5 years

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