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California SolarEnergy Storage Association

The California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA) has updated its name to the California Solar & Storage Association.

After 40 years, the organization will do business under this new moniker to reflect marketplace changes as well as a decades-long partnership with energy storage and energy management devices that go hand in hand with solar photovoltaic and thermal technologies.

The California Solar & Storage Association’s headquarters remain in Sacramento, just a few blocks from the state capitol. The organization also has offices in the Bay Area as well as six chapters that gather quarterly throughout the state from San Diego to Sonoma County.

The Association’s mission, board of directors, chapter leadership, staff, and its membership remain the same.

The Association recently surpassed the 500-member mark, representing a diverse array of companies doing business in California. These member companies built, and in some cases manufactured, over 70% of all the local solar photovoltaic, thermal and energy storage projects installed in the state in 2017.

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