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Cantsink Centric

Cantsink, a solar product supplier since 2010, is introducing Centric, its latest solar innovation, to speed inverter installation and make monitoring easier.

By allowing location of string inverters at a central position among ground-mounted panels, Centric streamlines inverter placement during construction. In a traditional arrangement underneath the panels, inverters are mounted one-by-one in successive spots throughout the project. Centric offers a single, covered location for mounting multiple inverters.

This not only speeds inverter placement, it also makes O&M easier by allowing inspection of multiple inverters at one location. Oversight of individual units takes minutes rather than hours. Streamlined monitoring, in conjunction with protection from the elements, means the solar project as a whole works better and lasts longer.

With more utility-scale projects using trackers to maximize generation, string inverters mounted under panels are more exposed to sun, rain and storms. Centric allows string inverters to be sheltered, as well as making them more accessible for quick inspection.

Centric is the latest Cantsink innovation for solar installations. The company also manufactures Brilliant Rack racking systems, featuring the Xpress Mount system. Xpress Mount allows cassettes pre-loaded with as many as 14 panels to be hoisted to Brilliant Rack’s secure ground mount piles and secured in minutes.

Further, Cantsink’s patented helical piers, its signature products, are ideal for supporting heavy equipment pads on solar sites. Pad support effectively stabilizes heavy equipment, such as transformers, central inverters and microgrid, without adding more construction time. 

Leveraging more than 30 years of construction and foundation expertise, Cantsink brings engineering, construction and manufacturing experience to the needs of today’s solar market. 

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