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Mosaic will leverage Distributed Suns solar development platform to scale its crowdsourced financing model

Distributed Sun LLC (D-Sun) and Mosaic announced their first joint project to allow individuals to invest in a 657kW solar installation on a charter school in Colorado (US) and earn an estimated 5.4% annually.

Mosaic plans to leverage Distributed Sun’s leading solar development platform, the Distributed Solar Network, to scale its crowdsourced financing model. Mosaic is working with D-SUN’s network of more than 115 solar installers in 28 states developing more than 120MW of projects per month.

The 657 kW solar system powers one of the largest public charter schools in Colorado while serving as an educational tool for over 2,000 students. The Pinnacle Charter School has served Northern Denver’s diverse community for nearly two decades with committed teachers and data-driven instruction. The solar project generates revenue by selling the electricity produced to the school and by selling the associated renewable energy credits to the local utility. Pinnacle’s solar project could save the school as much as $1.6 million in electricity costs over the lifetime of the project while teaching thousands of K-12 students about clean energy.

Mosaic is an online marketplace that connects investors to high-quality solar projects. Mosaic’s mission is to open up clean energy investing to the public and fundamentally change the way energy is financed. To date, Mosaic has raised $3M from more than 1,800 investors to finance solar projects in California, Arizona, Florida and New Jersey.

D-Sun is a nationally recognized solar and micro-grid project development and finance services platform serving the commercial and industrial market segments. D-Sun develops, finances, constructs, owns and operates commercial scale solar energy systems throughout the United States. D-Sun represents capital sources seeking to deploy over $1B of project finance in the commercial & industrial sector over the course of 2013 and 2014.

The Pinnacle Charter School is one of Colorado's largest K-12 charter schools proudly serving North Denver's diverse community. Pinnacle provides academic excellence through highly qualified teachers, data-driven instruction, and the application of Core Knowledge to enhance Colorado academic standards. truSolar is an industry-driven, accessible standard credit screen for commercial and industrial photovoltaic project screening, underwriting and approval via a comprehensive assessment of risk to enable broader access to lower cost capital.

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